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Advanced Kids Class, Thur. 12/13/18 @5:45pm

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No Kimono Night, Tue. 12/11/18 @7:30pm

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No Kimono Night, Tue. 12/11/18 @7:30pm (immediately following Women’s Self Defense).   Please wear your rash guard or old t-shirt, and your kimono pants. (ages 14+)


Hand & Wrist Wrapping Workshop, Thur. 10.11.18 @6pm

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Prevention is better than cure. ~Desiderius Erasmus.

Hand wrapping workshop focusing on wrist and hand injury prevention.

6pm tonight, before tonight’s Atami-Waza/Striking Class @michael.papadatos

STRIKING CLASS 9/6/18 @6:30pm

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STRIKING CLASS 9/6/18 @6:30-7:30pm

Advanced Kids Class, Thur. 9/6/18 @5:45pm

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Kids ages 12+ and/or Orange White belt or higher